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About the Lister-Sink Foundation

Established in 2011, the Lister-Sink Foundation, Inc. is a not-for-profit public charity dedicated to giving financial support to pianists and organists for prevention of, or rehabilitation from, playing-related injuries, and to maximize their musical artistry through the development of well-coordinated, injury-preventive piano technique and organ technique.

Who May Receive Financial Support from the Lister-Sink Foundation?

The Lister-Sink Foundation, Inc. gives financial support to qualified advanced students, teachers and performers to:

  • Retrain their keyboard technique in the principles of injury-preventive, biomechanically efficient body use at the instrument
  • Study the most effective, pedagogically and scientifically informed pedagogies for teaching injury-preventive technique

In addition, the Lister-Sink Foundation, Inc. provides support to help injured pianists, organists, harpsichordists, and others to:

  • Receive accurate diagnoses from highly qualified healthcare professionals who are informed about the latest research in performing arts medicine.
  • Receive the most effective treatment for the injuries
  • Receive the most helpful therapy for rehabilitation
  • Acquire training that enhances their ability to communicate clearly with the healthcare professionals
  • Understand and eliminate injurious habits and retrain healthful habits and technique

The Lister-Sink Foundation, Inc. also provides funding to help keyboard musicians receive accurate diagnoses and effective treatment and rehabilitation for those already afflicted with playing-related injuries. Read More…