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About the Lister-Sink Institute

The Lister-Sink Institute is an educational organization dedicated to promoting a healthful, well-coordinated keyboard technique to maximize musical artistry and help prevent potential injury at any point in the career.

TEDx Talk

Pianists, Proceed at Your Own Peril!

Barbara Lister-Sink | TEDxWinstonSalemWomen

Thousands of serious pianists worldwide are suffering unnecessarily, and with little hope of finding adequate help. They lose their scholarships, they lose their jobs, and they lose their ability to perform. But most of all, they lose their hopes and dreams. Their very identity is threatened and their purpose for living is imperiled. And smaller-handed pianists—women and children—are twice as likely as men to develop playing-related injury. The piano as a musical instrument has been central to art and civilization for the last 250 years. Millions of people are drawn to the instrument, and tens of thousands may go on to pursue lifetime careers in piano, as “artist-athletes.” But they proceed at their own peril. The music industry—teachers, schools, leaders, management alike–have let pianists down. It is about time we worked collectively to stop this hemorrhaging of talent and loss of dreams.