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About the Lister-Sink Institute

The Lister-Sink Institute is an educational organization dedicated to promoting a healthful, well-coordinated keyboard technique to maximize musical artistry and help prevent potential injury at any point in the career.

Intensive Training Workshop Application Form & Questionnaire

To apply for an Intensive Training Workshop, use the following form to submit your application questionnaire and $50 application fee. A PDF copy of this application form is also available by clicking hereNote: Please include with your application a link to a video of your playing if at all possible. Videos may be uploaded online with the option of an unlisted (non-public) link, using YouTube, Vimeo, or other similar free video hosting sites. Duration: 10 min. minimum.



    The Lister-Sink Institute is not liable for injury at any time during the training program. Trainee is solely responsible for maintaining his/her own well-being through a prudent, mindful awareness of his or her physical limitations and abilities. Tuition payment is expected on the first day of training, unless otherwise agreed upon by the instructor. By signing my electronic signature to this form and clicking on the "Apply and Pay Application Fee" button, I agree to these terms.